Michael Kennedy, Jr. Discusses the Construction Industry Labor Crisis with KTRS 550 Radio Station

The UP Companies President, Michael Kennedy, Jr. and AGCMO President, Len Toenjes recently sat down with KTRS 550 radio station to discuss the emerging “employment crisis” within the construction industry.

“In the next 5 years, a large majority of that workforce is retiring, and you don’t have enough new people coming in to replace it,” Michael Kennedy, Jr. explains.

Kennedy and Toenjes expand on the incredible opportunities the construction industry offers and how this industry is highly beneficial for today’s youth. They also elaborate on how they have been trying to encourage more of our youth to want to go into this field with the creation of the “Old Construction Road” music video.

“We just did a fun project with Chingy, who is an international rap star, to promote the construction industry with our business, The UP Companies. He came out in spades and we’re just trying to attract kids to look at ‘Hey, what is this about? What is this trade about?’ and we tried to tie that traffic to go to the AGC (website) to show the background on all the different opportunities in construction, not just with our company, but with the whole construction industry,” Kennedy tells KTRS 550 radio station.

To hear more about this growing epidemic, what opportunities there are in the business, and what initiatives the leaders of our industry are trying to make, listen to the podcast below: