Square UP Builders and Power UP Electrical Contractors Recognized at AGCMO Annual Convention for Strong Commitment to Safety

Industry leaders are taking notice of The UP Companies’ commitment to safety, as evident by the numerous safety awards its carpentry and electrical contractor divisions received at the Associated General Contractors of Missouri’s (AGCMO) recent annual convention in Branson, MO.

Square UP Builders and Power UP Electrical Contractors both received an AGCMO Zero Lost Workdays in 2018 safety award. These awards are presented to firms that had no recordable accidents in the AGCMO charter area for the past year.

Additionally, Power UP collected the 2018 award for Accident Prevention in the work hour category of 100,001 to 200,000 hours and was one of four contractors at the convention that qualified for an E.C.L. Wagner Safety Award, the highest safety award honor given by AGCMO for overall safety performance. To qualify for this award, each of the work hour category winners were asked to submit a 250-word essay explaining the company’s safety systems, culture and management philosophy on safety.

“All of these awards are a testament to the hard work, commitment, dedication and integrity of all our folks associated with each of our business units who strive every hour of every day to achieve safety excellence and accomplish our corporate goal of completing each task, every day injury and incident free,” said UPCO Corporate Safety Director Steve Richardson.

Matt Cowell, AGCMO Vice President of Safety, said the awards Power UP and Square UP received are reflective of UPCO’s commitment to keeping their workers safe on the job at all costs.

“Business will always have a tug of war between safety and production,” said Cowell. “Safety is more than complying with the OSHA standards, but it is about how you care about making sure your employees go home safe each day. Winning this type of safety award is a huge accomplishment because it is not easy to do, because it shows more than just compliance, it shows the company cares.”